Flower Seva

"Flowers are the jewels of Kali-yuga"  --Srila Prabhupada
Note: Scroll down for schedule, open spreadsheet and choose flower tab to view schedule.

General Maintenance

Left Over Flowers

Remove stems and place unused flowers in the Flower tub in the Pujari fridge. If you have a large number of flowers/fillers leftover please inform the Flower Manager.

Table Cloth

Always work on the designated table cloth. Clean the table cloth, neatly fold, and store after use. If the table cloth is wet, leave it out to dry, do not store wet tablecloth.


Throw away empty stems and rotten flowers. Take out the trash if it's full*. Sweep the floor.

* New trash bags are kept in the labeled drawer on the bucket table.

Tool Basket

Put tools back neatly in basket after use. Inform the flower manager if any supplies are missing or running low, or restock them if you feel inspired.

Service Fillers

✿  Do the Needful 

Deity Schedule