Flowers will be purchased twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Flowers will only be purchased if garden flowers are not sufficient, and for festivals


Please be careful with spending, do not waste Krishna's money!


Flowers are being purchased for

1. Wednesday Garlands (3 bunches)

2. Thursday Garlands (4 bunches)

3. Friday Garlands (3 bunches)

4. Saturday Garlands (3 bunches)

13 bunches   $80


Flowers are being purchased for

1. Sunday Garlands (3 bunches on non-brunch days, 4 on brunch days)

2. Monday Garlands (3 bunches)

3. Tuesday Garlands (3 bunches)

4. Gaura Nitai Vases (3-4 bunches)

12-14 bunches   $80

Full Budget


It is important to arrive prior to the store opening in order to obtain the best selection of flowers. Usually the store opens at 8 AM everyday.


Trader Joe's: 2398 E Stadium Blvd, Ann Arbor, MI 48104


It's helpful if you take 3-4 black buckets with you. In case you forget to bring these Trader Joe's is more than happy to give you buckets with water in them. 

TAX Exemption

Ensure you use the ISKCON Ypsilanti Tax Exempt EIN when paying. Do not use this for personal purchases.


Email flowers@theharmonycollective.org with Subject line "Flower Reimbursement [Date of Purchase]". Include (1) Amount to reimburse, (2) Receipt(s) attached, (3) PayPal account to send reimbursement to.

Preferred if reimbursement can happen once/month or as few times in a month as possible. 

If you are not getting reimbursed, email a copy of the receipt to events@theharmonycollective.org


Before allocating flowers in the buckets remove any plastic wrapping.
If you purchased lilies remove the stamen before allocating.



Garlands are made every day. We will provide 3 bunches of flowers per day. Stay within $20/day limit. Try to make the garlands look varied in color across days. Some combinations:

1 spray rose + 2/3 mums

2 spray roses + 1/2 mums

1 rose + 1 spray rose + 1 mums

1 rose + 2 mums

Flower Types

Large roses (avoid as most expensive), spray roses, mini carnations, large mums, button mums.

Note: There are many varieties of mums, mums with a very large diameter are not ideal. 


Assess the quality of flowers by observing them from all angles; flowers in a garland are viewed from the side, not the top. Some bunches may be more full, have a larger quantity of flowers than others. Roses can be tested by gently feeling the bottom of the rose; firm means it will last longer, soft means it will die sooner. 


Flowers should be purchased in the assigned colors for the week. 4 color options will be provided. Generally a total of 2-3 colors in the garlands is ideal. Avoid too much white in a garland.

Small Garlands

On Appearance/Disappearance days of acaryas you can attempt to purchase smaller flowers (small mums, spray roses), staying within the budget.



Vases are made once-a-week. For Gaura Nitai's vases, purchase 3-4 bunches for 2 vases/week. Stay within $20/week limit.

1 bunch focal flower (roses, mums, carnations, gerbera daisy, lily etc)

1 bunche filler (greens/baby’s breath/berries etc.)

1-2 bunches filler flower (alstroemeria/assorted filler flowers)

Do not purchase flowers that drop pollen or could make a mess on the altar.


Flowers should be purchased in the assigned colors for the week. Garland and vase flowers should match. The garland flowers may have more colors to match the specific outfit, the vase flowers will likely have fewer colors to be able to match both outfits for the week. Avoid too much white.

Lilies and Hyacinth's should not be fully bloomed. Refer to flower chart for example image.

SP + Dham Altar 

For Srila Prabhupada we are currently offering Gaura-Nitai's Maha vases. The vases need to be refreshed (new water+bleach & remove any dead flowers).

For the Dham Altar we can currently use donation flowers or extras from vases/garlands.