Water Freshness

Once A Week on the Same Day

It is important to execute this procedure for all the buckets on the same day every week. 

1. Remove Flowers

If there are any flowers in the buckets, temporarily place them on a table in an organized manner so you can put them back in the same buckets once you are done.

2. Scrub Debris

Use the brush to scrub and loosen debris.

3. Throw Water & Debris

Throw out water and debris on white stones outside the back entrance door.

4. Refill Buckets

Fill buckets with fresh water. Bucket should be ONLY 1/3 full - there is a RED mark inside all the buckets

Allows for maximum hydration, considering that flowers draw water not only through the stems' bottoms but also from the nodes created when leaves are stripped; flower shops normally only strip leaves 1/3 the way up a stem so filling the bucket more than that may cause rotting of leaves.

5. Add Bleach

Add 2 TEASPOONS of bleach* in each bucket and stir slightly.


If too much bleach is added the flowers will start to rot.
* Use the labeled squirt bottle to fill the teaspoon. Refill the squirt bottle using the funnel. The squirt bottle with bleach, and the large bleach container, are stored in the "Vase Supplies" cupboard under the white buckets.

6 Put Flowers Back

If there were any flowers in the buckets place them back in exactly the same buckets you found them in.


Garland Buckets x4 [white]

1. Sunday / Thursday

2. Monday / Friday

3. Tuesday  / Saturday

4. Wednesday / Saturday

Vase Buckets x2 [green]

1. Gaura Nitai Vases

2. Srila Prabhupada + Dham Vases